Snart ett år sen den judiske finansmannen Jeffrey Epstein hittades död i sin cell i New York!

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Flera anställda på anstalten togs ur tjänst efter det misstänkta självmordet. Enligt uppgifter till New York Times kontrollerades Jeffrey Epstein inte på flera timmar i samband med händelsen, trots att tillsyn skulle ske var 30:e minut. Anledningen ska, enligt källor till tidningen, ha varit att vakterna hade somnat. För att dölja sina misstag ska vakterna ha förfalskat händelserapporten.
 Mark Lawrence Epstein, Lafayette High School 400, Class of 1971, jeffrey epstein, brother
"Epstein was born in 1953 in the New York City borough of Brooklyn to Jewish parents Pauline (née Stolofsky, 1918–2004) and Seymour G. Epstein (1916–1991). His parents were married in 1952, shortly before his birth".
"Jeffrey Epstein’s mother, Paula, was the daughter of Max and Lena Stolofsky, who arrived in the United States as Lithuanian refugees. Relatives on that side of the family who remained in the old country would all perish in the course of Adolf Hitler’s campaign to exterminate European Jewry.
Beverly Donatelli recalls.* Beverly was two years older than Epstein, but thanks to his precocious talents, which allowed him to skip two grades, they graduated from Brooklyn’s Lafayette High School together, in 1969.

“He was advanced,” Beverly remembers. “He tutored my girlfriend and myself in the summer. He taught me geometry in just two months.”
When Beverly thinks of Epstein now, she recalls gentler times-long strolls down the Coney Island boardwalk, roller-coaster rides, stolen kisses. “That last year in school, I think he kind of loved me,” she says. “One night on the beach he kissed me. In fact, our history teacher made up a mock wedding invitation for Jeffrey and myself to show to the class. That seems pretty inappropriate now. But back then, we all thought it was funny. Jews and the Italians, that was pretty much who went to Lafayette High School. They didn’t socialize that much. And though my mother was crazy about him, she told me Jewish boys don’t marry Italians.”

Through the haze of several decades, Beverly remembers Epstein as a kindhearted boy and something of a prodigy-a gifted young pianist as well as a math whiz.
Gary Grossberg was a year younger than Epstein and in the same class as Epstein’s kid brother, Mark, with whom Grossberg remains very friendly, though he hasn’t seen or spoken with Jeffrey in some time. Both brothers are good people, he says.

“Jeffrey’s a brilliant and good person. He is also incredibly generous.”

Grossberg says he’s talked to Epstein about “the problem in Florida.” As he sees it, Epstein “got carried away…perhaps he was hanging around with the wrong people.
Grossberg wonders, too, if the things that made Epstein special contributed to his eventual fall from grace.

“He was a diamond in the rough, you see,” Grossberg explains. “People recognized Jeffrey’s brilliance very early on. But he had a gift for recognizing opportunities very quickly. He started buying properties in Manhattan, including 301 East 66th Street. He asked his brother-did Mark want to join him? He did.”
Det är snart ett år sen (10 augusti) Jeffrey Epstein påträffades död i sin cell. Huruvida han tog livet av sig eller ej spekuleras det fortfarande över. Den här sidan av Epstein är också viktig att känna till anser undertecknad. Han omnämns av hela världen men är död och kan inte tala för sig. Vem och vilka tjänade mest på att få honom undanröjd? 
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